Perhaps some of them to express their romance with their own way. And certainly the "lack" of romance does not mean lack of emotions.

Women more easily externalize their feelings, while men provide reasonable, safely and securely. Perhaps this makes them look cold. And sometimes when oppressed must show romance and sometimes are simply romantic to avoid situations. This is one of the reasons why women complain that their first years of her partner, the more warmly.

Life has changed us, our daily life has entered rapidly, so the minimum personal time crushes our imagination and feelings. The woman has assumed the role of "woman hunter." On the one discourages them and the other requires romance. While you had to help him express and gives 'push' to speak. So partner has lost much of her femininity while simultaneously wants to follow this path and her partner. So we need to clarify what exactly is the romance for everyone and to accept that everyone expresses him with an own and unique way.

They spent the days of romance expressed through songs or duels.