Text the romance back - Does It Really Work?

Every person over the character and temperament, formed by his experiences.
Other people spend hard and learn to survive through a tougher look on life, while others, despite any tests them; they can not stop looking good between what they happen.

Realism reserves the person down to earth, cautious and ready for anything behind the obvious and "unsuspecting". This avoids -in them be realistic, the surprise, the cancellation and the chance to hurt deeply text the romance back. The mindset that gives them security by Michael Fiore, https://www.nolimitly.com/2015/02/text-the-romance-back.html peace of mind and confidence. Looking and see things as they are, without excuses, explanations or empathy.

Choose to understand situations and people more "dry" more reasonable, more practical. Resent when you have to break or when others use more emotion than logic . They want to speak with solutions, changes, actions. Perhaps it is more stringent towards mistakes and behaviors.

The word "respect" comes from ancient people and is a derivative of the word "schein". Therefore, relationship means something that we have. Money is when we have something in common when we share, the game of flirting, situations, thoughts, emotions, moments, events, things, joint activities and goals when we communicate in various ways. The deal, communication in a relationship may be just a crush a platonic, friendly, romantic, intimate partner or family. The relationship is a contact that is created at least two people, is "along" the interaction of all the above between two people. Depending how they relate, their combination, their intensity, duration, form the way one flirting and how to approach. Depending on the motivation of individuals and their personalities built different types of relationships.

On the other hand there are also romantic. Those that filter everything through emotion, both their own and others. Those who (over) analyzing, searching for excuses, extenuating circumstances, alternative interpretations. Those who primarily seek the good version, the good scenario or the answer will explain "better" behavior of others. Their romance may be able to "distort" the perception of reality.

Yet although they know it is not willing to see otherwise life. They have learned so or feel as "nature" and can not change. They give many opportunities to others, forgive easily and fight for the innocence of the other until proved otherwise. Many times they feel they do not understand the people around them and do not know how to manage them realists, the pragmatists who deny the truth and their worldview.

These are two different perspectives with which one can see the world. There is no right or wrong. Everyone chooses (or "train") that which suits him best. This does not mean that in a realist there are sensitivities and feelings, nor that in a romantic man there are moments of awareness of the actual processing. Just that in each of the two categories prevails each respective side.

What is needed is not to "deny" what we comes effortlessly. However, required to we may not be absolute or dimensional. It is best to be open and receptive to what everybody has to say or teach us. You can learn a lot from a realist, as a romantic person. It would be nice to be able to merge data from both these ends and to rely on occasion.

The hard part is of course when "meet" two people from these different categories. Communication hampered the understanding and coexistence. If there is no respect for the one on the worldview of another, there will be frequent friction. The "key" is primarily the acceptance of the different perception of the other. Then everything will be easier on the interaction between them.

Without the full and conscious acceptance, risk taking both one and the other "personal" issues that arise, without ultimately there is good reason. It is easy to raise the walls in every difficult communication.

But judging that it is the other man a chance, we can stretch out bridges in order to know and understand a little more the mentality and perception of the other. Maybe be surprised when you find that you can not be so frightening experience ... eventually.

To first date for a couple is a type of scan and check what follow.Prota all know each other and understand if you do or not. Will you tell me there are couples who understand after two months that do not fit. You're right, I'll answer, but why not do some questions - keys to learn things about him? So have in mind to do the following questions to the psychologiseis bit

1. You have brothers? Key question since it opened and you'll talk to his family has no brothers. Furthermore, it is also a way to understand it is a little bit spoiled "MAMAKO" and we do not want them such.

2. Tell me a your desire. Now if I say that in a few years he wants to go to stay permanently in a village on the edge of the world where it has Katsikoulis of which will be milking the gynaikoula tou..kanto bit image to milk goats ... just gone up in smoke!

3. When broke up? Watch this question is very important especially if you recently divorced is unlikely to return

4. What was your longest relationship? So you learn what happens to erotic sector. Is from men born bachelors or requesting commitment?

It is advised to avoid press questions:

1. Are you thinking to get married soon? He'll pass for nymphomaniac

2. What is your view on children? Here he does not know what he will do tomorrow will tell to children.

3. How do you think yourself a few years from now? Most probably tell you with a steady job and an expensive car. If you expect me to tell you a wife and five to six tots to jump in the morning eating jam and the only sense is not to drop the jam on the floor rather see many ads.

Often, depression arises not because kakoy- the acute situation has arisen (cases) traumatic psyche to primeru- death of a loved one, abuse etc, and comes as a consequence of intense mental (psychiatric) loads and stress in the series of important human life events to primeru- exams at the institute.

That is, when the body expends energy resources quickly. It appears lethargy, weakness, lethargy, which can lead to depression. Depression can also occur during menopause, as a consequence of an illness.